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Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynaecological disease with more than 1600 Australian women diagnosed every year and over 1000 dying from it – that’s one death every eight hours. Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer, as women in the early stages commonly have no symptoms. This means the disease is often not detected until the advanced stages when it has spread beyond the ovaries and is much harder to cure. Because of this, the five-year survival rate is a depressingly low 45 per cent.

So what can we do?

Georg Jensen and marie claire, alongside campaign ambassador Asher Keddie, are steering the lead in raising vital funds through the creation of the bespoke Georg Jensen Mercy Heart pendant. A portion of proceeds from the sale of every pendant go to the OCRF and directly towards the research needed to create a vital early detection test for ovarian cancer. The pendants are available in sterling silver and 18 kt gold as part of the Georg Jensen Mercy collection and are the perfect forever piece, giving back in such a huge way.



About Georg Jensen’s support of OCRF

At Georg Jensen our passion and motivation grows each year to raise vital funds for OCRF and in 2019 we have launched the Mercy Heart pendant in sterling silver and 18 kt gold. The silver heart retails for $250 with $50 from every piece donated directly to OCRF and the gold heart retails for $995 with $150 from every piece donated to OCRF. The Mercy Heart pendants are available from July 18th in store and online.

The Mercy Heart has been designed by long-term Georg Jensen collaborator Jacqueline Rabun, whose exceptional work explores the cycle of life, time’s passing and the complexity of emotions. The Mercy collection, which the Mercy Heart is an extension of, is a reminder to show compassion to others.


Georg Jensen & marie claire support


For actress and former marie claire cover star Asher Keddie, ovarian cancer is a cause close to her heart – as it should be for every Australian woman. The Offspring star is desperate for an early detection test to be created so that the deadly disease is less of a threat to women everywhere.


Why is this initiative important to you?

Ovarian cancer is Australia’s most deadly gynaecological cancer, with one woman dying every eight hours. I want to be able to use my voice to do whatever I can to help save lives.

What can be done to raise awareness?

There is still no simple test or screening for ovarian cancer, so women need to be informed of the symptoms, which can include bloating and fatigue. When ovarian cancer is treated early, 80% – 100% of women will survive beyond five years.

How can people help to raise funds?

We still desperately need to find an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Georg Jensen’s Mercy Heart pendant is being sold in support of the OCRF and will help raise funds. Join me in supporting this important initiative.

I’m really pleased that I can partner with GJ and add my voice to this incredibly important initiative that supports Ovarian Cancer research. The Mercy pendant is exquisite, and reflects the compassion we need to invest in this worthy cause.
Asher Keddie OCRF & Georg Jensen Ambassador