Finding Fearless — All Episodes

In this new series, marie claire editor Nicky Briger will interview women who’ve endured adversity and overcome the odds to find their purpose. The candid chat will explore each woman’s back story, delve deep into the moment that changed her, and reveal how she turned that hardship into success. In addition, Nicky will talk to ordinary women doing extraordinary things, inspiring the marie claire audience to also “find their fearless” and forge a richer future.

From the battlefield to the boardroom: Matina Jewell’s lessons from the frontlines

Retired Army Major Matina Jewell has paid a hefty price for a decorated 15-year Army career. While in the Middle East, on one of her five overseas missions, war broke out. Within days all her close colleagues were dead from an airstrike and she was lying lifeless on a tiled floor with a broken back. With painful physical injuries to contend with and mounting mental ones due to the heartbreaking losses, Mattie has managed to rebuild her life emotionally and physically to become one of the top female leadership speakers in the country. This is what happens when you lose everything you believe to be important and you have to start over.

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How Sally Obermeder found her calling

When TV presenter Sally Obermeder was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer the day before giving birth to her daughter, it got her thinking about what she really wanted from life. But instead of retiring to a quiet life on a Pacific island, she convinced her sister Maha to launch a wellness blog Swiish that has since grown into a burgeoning empire. For Sally, whose beaming radiance has been a constant source of inspiration in many people’s lives for almost two decades, this is just the beginning.

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Gen Fricker turned her worst year ever into comedy gold

Gen Fricker is well known for her slashie career. She’s been a radio host on Triple J/ a regular guest on the hit TV show Have You Been Paying Attention/and a mainstay on the stand-up comedy circuit for almost a decade. Unfortunately she’s also well-known for being the victim of a stalker who assaulted her on-air in ABC Studios. Not surprisingly the event kicked off a year of hell for the young media talent - (but is now the subject of her new national tour. Natch). This is what happens when you're known for your worst work day ever.

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Zali Steggall is a politician for our times

Zali Steggall first burst into the Australian psyche back in 1998 when she became our first ever individual medallist at a Winter Olympics - taking the Bronze for slalom skiing at Nagano. Fast forward 20-years and she came back to public life with a bang as the woman who famously toppled ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott from the electorate seat he had held for 25 years. Now the Abbott-slayer is on the verge of becoming the face of climate change in our federal parliament, with a new bill set to upset the dinosaurs. We can't wait to see what happens next

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Jessica Mauboy is taking a stand

From her signature husky full-body laugh and impromptu singing of familiar tunes by Mariah, Whitney (and even Billy Ray Cyrus), Jessica Mauboy is joy in motion. In this episode she takes us on an entertaining rollercoaster ride, revealing how she first found her voice growing up in her hometown of Darwin, through to today, where she is now purposely using that voice in a new way - to talk about the importance of constitutional recognition of Indigenous people. The interview is equally uplifting and heartbreaking, and confirms why Jess is such an inspiring national treasure.

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Our 2019 Women of The Year Wrap

2019 has been a huge year for women, which is why we thought we'd take a look back at some of the kick arse sisters we have loved this year. From Lizzo to Greta Thunberg, Ash Barty to Jacinda Ardern - join marie claire Editor Nicky Briger and Deputy Editor Mel Gaudron as they look back over the year that was ....

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Sarah-Jane Clarke on life after Sass & Bide

For 16 years, Sarah-Jane Clarke was one-half of Australian fashion's mega-success brand, Sass and Bide. As the hit label of the noughties, she was working damn hard - but partying hard too. Fearful of wasting her life wasted, Sarah-Jane decided to give up alcohol - and took the game-changing path of going public with her decision - inspiring a whole generation to try dry too in the process. With a new brand, a new purpose and a new hangover-free lease on life, is this Sarah-Jane's happiest hour yet?

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How Melanie Gleeson pioneered Australia's wellness industry

Back in 2000 when Melanie Gleeson tried to open a little day spa called Endota, the local council rejected her because they thought she was opening a brothel. Two decades later she now oversees the Endota empire - Australia's biggest spa network, a booming beauty product business, and a flourishing beauty school. While she has helped shaped Australia's billion-dollar wellness industry, she is also a thought-leader in how women work and has many things to say about what women need to thrive and survive in the workplace (and we couldn't agree with her more). See if you do too.

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How Clare Bowditch learnt to ignore her self-doubt demons

The uber-talented performer Clare Bowditch has an important message for the women of Australia. The much-loved ARIA award-winning singer-songwriter has just released a memoir that is stunning in its ability to tell the story of us. It's the story of young girls who allow their dreams to be derailed by a persistent voice of self-doubt. It's the story of women who wait and wish to be thinner before allowing their lives to start. It's the story of women who believe that they somehow need to be more. She is here to remind us that we are all more than enough. Clare Bowditch makes you feel lucky to be alive - and who doesn't need that message?

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The transformation of Julie Bishop

For 20 years Julie Bishop was the best leader the Liberal Party never had. As one political writer quipped, Bishop ''spent a whole career smiling at ambitious male careerists intent on pushing her over on the travellator''. Not any more. The transformation of Julie Bishop from impenetrable pollie to liberated lady-boss is a lesson for us all in the power of female resilience and reinvention. Best of all? She is more like the rest of us than we ever gave her credit for. Meet Julie V3.0.

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The two Aussie eco-warriors future-proofing our planet

The November 2019 issue of marie claire is a celebration of the awe-inspiring Australian women and girls who are committed to saving the planet – especially our beautiful waterways and coastlines. The issue is a celebration of the celebrities, designers and activists who are fighting to save our seas. So we invited two of these amazing women in – ethical fashion designer Kit Willow of KitX and teenage activist and Young Conservationist of the Year Sophia Skarparis – to talk about what they’re doing to bring about change and how we can all help.

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Georgie Dent: On worrying herself into a psych ward

Georgie Dent is a name familiar to the readers of marie claire – as a journalist and editor she has written passionately for our mag and website mainly on gender equality and women’s rights issues. But she saved her biggest story for her new book which tells the riveting story of how her picture perfect life – a dream job at a prestigious Sydney law firm, the perfect relationship, a family that loved and supported her - completely unravelled at the age of 25 and left her broken, unemployed, and back living with her parents. Suffering from crippling anxiety and chronic health problems the only way up was to book herself into a psychiatric hospital. Her journey back from the brink proves to all of us you can not only survive but thrive.

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Jesinta Franklin: on babies, Buddy and being the boss

Jesinta Franklin has always wanted to live a BIG life. It was what motivated her to leave her unconventional childhood on the Gold Coast to take on the world as a teenage Miss Universe contestant. Now she's livin' the dream through her #couplegoals marriage to AFL star Buddy Franklin and her hugely successful Jesinta app. But there have been lows too, and Jes is never scared about going there which is why this frank and funny convo covers everything from mental health to miscarriages, from suicide to success and from politics to pregnancy. Oh and then there's the racism stuff. It's a journey. But it's a good one. Come along for the ride...

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Robyn Lawley is the game-changer the fashion industry needs

Long before body positivity became a thing, Australian model Robyn Lawley was a young, lone voice in demanding inclusivity in the fashion industry, calling out big brands - like Victoria's Secret - for their inability to embrace the different curves and colours of real women. Despite the criticism and bullying, she persisted and is now the undisputed poster girl for the entire movement. And if that battle wasn't big enough - she now has a new life mission to save the planet. Watch out world.

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Drew Barrymore on reinventing herself

Hollywood legend Drew Barrymore is the epitome of fearless: from cute child star to Hollywood A-lister and now mega-successful business woman, she knows a thing or two about reinvention, facing her fears and living life big. Recently in town to launch her beauty brand, Flower Beauty, she was also special guest at a marie claire live interview which we've edited into this special podcast. Enjoy the wisdom and wit of Drew Barrymore.

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