The Story of Us — All Episodes

Ever wondered what brings people together – and what makes their relationship tick? On New Idea magazine’s The Story of Us, Pete Timbs meets the stars and their partners as they take a trip down memory lane and reveal all about their love life. Their uplifting stories will make you laugh, cry and maybe even blush.

Episode 1 - Zoe and Damon Gameau

Actors Zoe and Damon Gameau discuss how they met, marriage, babies and what they love about each other.

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Episode 2 - MKR's Stacey and Ash

Pete talks to My Kitchen Rules stars Stacey and Ash about meeting in Byron Bay and their sweet romance. They also discuss their marriage and baby plans. Tasty stuff, indeed! 

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Episode 3 - Charli Robinson and Liam Talbot

This week, Pete chats with Getaway presenter Charli Robinson and her partner, racing car driver Liam Talbot about how they met and the joy their baby girl, Kensington has brought them. The couple also reveals their marriage plans. 

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Episode 4 - Alan Fletcher and Jennifer Hansen

In this week's episode, Pete Timbs chats to Neighbours star Alan Fletcher and wife Jennifer Hansen about their meeting at a Melbourne comedy venue, his marriage proposal in Bali, and what Jennifer really thinks about Alan's on-screen wife, Jackie Woodburne.

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Episode 5 - Mike MacLeish and Fiona Harris

This week, actors Mike and Fiona talk about mixing work and love with Pete Timbs. 

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Episode 6 - Blair and Kristi McDonough

In this episode, Blair and wife Kristi recall how they first bonded over sunglasses, how, after a false start, he wooed her with mix tapes and Blair explains how his marriage proposal almost went awry when his car broke down in Melbourne. 

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Episode 7 - Silvie Paladino and Greg Bird

Musical theatre star Silvie's husband Greg always held a torch for her - literally. The then crew member would shine a torch for her to see where she was going backstage on Les Miserables. Hear their fascinating chat with Pete Timbs.

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