You’re invited!

Join us for ‘WHO MOVES’ powered by Keto-Fit, an exclusive morning event where you can kick off the new year the right way with some of your favourite influencers.
Start your day with us, we have an exciting morning all set for you and your friends!

– A Power Pilates workout will get your blood pumping!

– International Pilates trainer Molly Kat Gay!

– A live DJ to get you in the mood!

– Keto-friendly breakfast snacks and smoothies

– Gift bags for all guests

– Fun activations and merchandise to snap for your socials!

– PLUS, a Q&A with WHO editor Stacey Hicks and nutritionist and Keto-Fit ambassador Zoe Bingley-Pullin

– No need to bring your mat, we’ll have you sorted!


Event Details

Date: Saturday, February 1 2020
Time: 8am -10:30am
Where: The Linseed House – The Grounds of Alexandria 7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015
Price: $30

What are you waiting for? Rally up your best pals and we will see you there!


Meet the Keto-Fit Brand Ambassador


Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a nutritionist, chef, mother and Keto-Fit Brand Ambassador with a self-professed love affair with food. Zoe’s passion for food has empowered her to help many people embrace the benefits of good nutrition through education. By improving people’s knowledge and understanding of food, Zoe shows them how to create and sustain a healthier and more delicious life and their very own love affair with food.

Zoe is a Keto-Fit Ambassador and helps people understand how to incorporate a ketogenic diet into their everyday lives.

“Keto-Fit is a range of products that act as a helping hand on keto – to save you time and make keto life a little easier.”


The feel good formula 

Who Moves is about getting fit and feeling great. To get there you need a balance of exercise and diet. That’s why we chose to partner with Keto-Fit as a sponsor of Who Moves. It’s about making the keto diet more efficient to deliver results. Want to know more? Here’s some food for thought.

It’s the diet on everyone’s lips – and for good reason. The keto diet is not another trend set to fade away, it’s a viable food plan that’s getting results for people all around the world.

What is keto?

Keto (short for ketogenic) is a low-carbohydrate diet that involves eating minimal carbohydrates, a moderate amount of protein and a high amount of fat per day (around 70 per cent of daily calories). By encouraging your body to use ketone bodies – fuel that the liver produces from stored fat – your body is tricked into burning fat, which it does via a process called ketosis.


What do you eat?

What to eat on the keto diet will depend on your personal goals and health, but so long as you focus on real foods, it can be a very nutritious diet. Leafy vegetables and those with a high water content are permitted, but starchy veggies such as potatoes are off-limits. You can eat unsaturated fats such as avocados, olive oil, seeds and nuts, and saturated fats including oils and butter. Low-fat products aren’t allowed. Protein comes from eggs and meat, especially fatty meats. Refined carbs are banned, and so are most fruits – although berries are allowed in small portions.

Your helping hand on keto.

Keto-Fit is a range of products that act as a helping hand on keto – to save you time and make keto life a little easier.

Keen on keto?

Want to know more?

Here’s the lowdown.